40 yrs of smoking, 1 week of vaping.... i am hooked

by bobr
(milwaukee, wi)

Perhaps its too early to tell but i never would have thought i could kick cigarettes...i have gone a week w/o one. i don't really crave them either. i smoked for 40 yrs and was a heavy smoker (3+ packs a day)and i would suggest some things to others that are heavy/cigar/pipe smokers...
the stock e-cigs found at gas stations and convenience stores probably wont do it for you...get a tank system like an ego-T, while they may be a little more expensive in the door, u will save a lot in cartomizers (the pre-filled filters) and wont be swapping batteries every hour. a non-tank system was not enough for me.
Brian's site is loaded with great information about vaping... read on. i hope you can find the right setup for you, because when you do it really works (all contrary reviews aside)good luck and don't give up until you find the right vaping system for yourself!
thanks Brian for all the info, as a total noob you got me going in the right direction.

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