The Best Disposable E-Cigs of 2013

        The disposable e-cig is the best option for the beginner. Disposables are the least expensive option due to the fact they are normally a "use once" and throw away style. Disposable e-cigs are virtually everywhere - gas stations, smoke shops and even your local bar. They don't carry as much weight when delivering the throat hit that a real cigarette does but that's normal. This option is ideal for LIGHT smokers. The majority of light smokers that I know fell in love with disposables and have never looked back. For the majority of my heavy smoker colleagues, the disposable wasn't quite strong enough and moved on to a personal vaporizer. If cost is a major factor and you smoke less then a pack a day, keep reading! 

Best Disposables E-Cigs of 2013 -  * Updated November 2013 *

    Jet E-Cig sits on top when getting the most out of your dollar and a very satisfying smooth taste. A large amount of vapor compared to other disposables, the Classic Tobacco gives Jet a upper hand when comparing to a real cigarette. Their Starter pack is a great start when choosing a disposable. Everything you need to get started is included and comes in under $30. 

Jet Express Starter Kit

$29.99 (marked down from $39.99)

 Jet's Best Disposables

Classic Tobacoo and Menthol Frost

 Jet E-cig Accessories

Car Charger options

 Free Priority Shipping! 

The Latest Reviews for Jet E-Cig Disposables for 2013

   Volcano is among the top in Disposable e-cigs by being built right here in the USA. Their Magma disposable comes with long-lasting battery and the convenience of a two piece design. For the the half a pack a day smoker , this unit is perfect. With over 30 flavors to choose from Volcano is a solid choice for the beginner e-cig user. 

The Magma Kit 

*Discounted under $59.99 for Nov/Dec 2013*

Volcano Disposable Accessories

 How Volcano compares to the Other Guys! 

The Latest Reviews for Volcano Disposable E-Cigs for 2013

Crown7 Electronic Cigarettes

  Crown Seven brings style and class to the Disposable E-cig. If you are a light smoker and are looking for something with a little less flashiness and more sophistication, this is it. Don't let this fool you - they hang with the big boys when dealing with flavor! A solid build and simply design makes Crown Seven a must when looking for the best of both worlds. This is my personal favorite and their Starter is a awesome gift for someone looking to quit real tobacco.  

The Hydro Emperial

The Best Disposable from Crown Seven 

*Dropped from $74.99 - check recent pricing*

 The Deluxe LXE E-cig Kit

Everything You Need wrapped in One!

The "W" for Women 

Finally a E-cig Starter with the Lady in mind

 The Latest FAQ's about Crown Seven and their Money Saving Packages of 2013

   Halo E-cigs - the King of E-cigs!  No one does it better than Halo, period. My top recommendation to any e-cig user - new or old! I have been using their products for over three years now and have no plans of stopping. Solid build, great battery and dynamite flavors, Halo is the triple threat in the disposable e-cig world.  American made. Halo is a Must try E-cig. 

The G6 Disposable! 

*Now available with Enhanced Battery Flow design. 

 Halo's Starter in Multiple Options for Customizing

Starting at $29.99

Every Accessory you need to make it YOURS

Why Halo?  Latest News and Upcoming Products for 2013/2014

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