The Basics of Electronic Cigarettes


   By now you have probably heard of electronic cigarettes, and you may even have seen them being used in public or at work. The gist of most e-cigs is pretty simple - they consist of a battery, a push button ignition of some sort , a tank of of e-liquid (or e-juice) and it usually resembles a real tobacco cigarette.

Within the unit, a vapor is created by heating up an e-liquid consisting of nicotine,vegetable glycerin and an artificial flavor and is inhaled like a cigarette. Nothing too complicated and is very easy to use.  

A typical rechargeable e-cig

A typical personal vaporizer 

    Electronic Cigarettes have been around since the 60's but have never really picked up any traction until the last five or six years. Why? Mostly due to the fact that the technology has just recently caught up to the actual act of smoking. Before, most e-cigs were bulky, expensive and honestly hard to come across. Year after year smokers have been forced out of everyday habitats due to smoking (which we all know is a good thing) weather its work, bars or even public parks and have been forced to find another alternative - other than just quitting all together - and thankfully the technology that has been developed over the last decade has made this transition easier then ever! 

 As you learn more about e-cigs and vast array of designs and flavors you will quickly realize why they are growing in popularity everyday. Imagine still being able to enjoy the act of smoking but without all the harmful chemicals that destroy us. Now take that notion and the ability to "customize" a cigarette to your liking - and allowing you to still get your nicotine - and not only improving your overall health but saving a ton of money along the way. 

Basic setup using a tank-style vaporizer

E-juice tanks with different flavors

 This site will show you the vast array of options that will hopefully help you eliminate real tobacco cigarettes entirely. Trust me this is a not fad, major tobacco companies are starting to get worried - for good reason. Everyday more and more "smokers" are finding out that e-cigs are the real deal and they fill that gap that tobacco has giving them over there smoking career. It may seem unrealistic in the beginning but after a few purchases of different varieties I am certain that - just like me - your chances of being rid of real tobacco cigarettes is very high! 






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