The Best Rechargeable E-cigs for 2013

Halo Rechargeables

Cigavette Rechargeables

Volcano Rechargeables

Vapor4Life Rechargeables

White Cloud Rechargeables

SOL Ecig Rechargeables

Halo Rechargeables

     Halo has a large catalog in the electronic cigarette market.        Their most popular rechargeable is the G6. This unit makes the     process simple and allowing the user to customize the flavor  and style to their liking. The flavor packed in is second to none  and puts Halo atop the Rechargeable e-cig realm. Once giving  the chance, Halo will prove to you why they are considered one  of the Best E-cigs in the USA. Fully customizable, from the  battery size to the color they allow to make this E-cig YOURS. 

*Updated Pricing  Fall/Winter of 2013 for Halo E-Cigs*