The Latest in E-Cig News for 2013

   The amount of evidence that has surfaced about e-cigs and their help with actually quitting smoking is growing rapidly. Electronic cigarette users followed over a year reduced or quit using tobacco cigarettes in large numbers and were less prone to resume smoking, at least in the short term.

   Experts continue to debate whether or not "e-cigs" are smoking-cessation tools or just leisure products. The electronic vaporizers use cartridges of liquid nicotine to deliver a flavored nicotine-laced vapor without the byproducts of burning tobacco in traditional cigarettes.

   A few small studies have found that e-cigarettes seemed to help smokers quit using tobacco or at least to smoke fewer traditional cigarettes. But there have been no long-term studies of how people actually use e-cigarettes, so experts are still unsure.

November/December 2013 E-Cigs Updated Blogs and Reports: 

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   The rate of local e-cigs shops popping up is staggering. The amount of varieties in styles and flavors is far too large for most local "smoke shops" to carry resulting in more stores built solely for electronic cigarette users. Unfortunately not all shops are regulated in providing a "safe" product in the simple pursuit of selling one of the hottest items in today's modern society. 

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