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40 yrs of smoking, 1 week of vaping.... i am hooked

Perhaps its too early to tell but i never would have thought i could kick cigarettes...i have gone a week w/o one. i don't really crave them either.

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Eric Kitchens

i started using them because i want to quit smoking, but i didnt want to waste my money on other crap and running 1 to 4 miles every other day was like

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I had to write a review to totally endorse this amazing product. I originally tried a personal vaporizer but didn't like the feel of it in my hand. I

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Another Update

Here's another update. After watching several reviews for Fling disposables I ordered a 10 pack of light menthols. These things rock. The amount of vapor

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Thanks for the great site

Thanks for a great site. I am exploring vaping and loving it as an enjoyable alternative to conventional smelly cigarettes. So far I have tried the

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A great first ecig!

I got one of these about 2 months ago and I have not had the cravings for a real cigarette since. After trying several cheaper units, this was the only

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Love love it

I have smoked for over 30years and loved my smokes! But have switched to ecigs it is a big change but if I can do it anybody can ! I do feel less guility

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Closest to the real thing as you can get

I tried ecigs before and never liked the taste. They all tasted funny and full of strange flavors. I found Cigavette from a friend of mine who bought them

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I love my white cloud ecig!

I have been smokefree for over 6 months now. Bought starter kit from white cloud and Blue near the same time last year, this was the only one that kept

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Best E-Cigar of 2013. Not Your Dad's Cigar

Can the best e-cigar compare with a tobacco cigar? You might be be surprised with the realistic taste and clouds of vapor these electronic cigars have.

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great products!!

Had a tec e cig for 2 years and I love it. Many good flavor options. The best part is the warranties. If partd aren't working rite they replace.

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Volcano Forks-Up Over $5,500 For 11K Cigarette Butts From Hawaii Beaches.

Good guy Volcano Electronic Cigarettes the sponsor the Surfrider Foundation beach cleanup in Hawaii. Paid $.50 per cigarette butt found in Kakaako Beach Park in Honolulu.

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Tececig worked for me

I bought a Tececig electronic cigarette thinking it would help me to quit smoking. At first I was unimpressed and did not use it much. I used it when I

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Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona Now Sits On board of directors for NJOY Electronic Cigarettes

It would seem that the world of electronic cigarettes has a new tobacco critic. Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, who once called for a ban on all tobacco, now sits on the board of directors of one of the biggest electronic cigarette companies in the world. He will be helping NJOY design and develop their e-liquid and claims to be their biggest critic. Lets hope this will help advance the credibility of e-cigarettes and their ability to reduce tobacco harm.

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Cigavette Review

I have been a lifelong smoker and have been using Cigavette brand to wean off smoking these last few weeks. It's been great and I agree it has very realistic

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