Thanks for the great site

by tom

Thanks for a great site. I am exploring vaping and loving it as an
enjoyable alternative to conventional smelly cigarettes. So far I have tried the
following disposables: Blu Menthol, Logic Menthol, and Apollo Menthol. So
far the Apollo has been the best with great vapor. I am waiting for a
shipment of Flings from White Cloud. The vapor I've seen on the Fling from
white cloud seems awesome. Can't wait to try it for myself. I tried a
vaporizer and did not like the feel of it in my hand.

I have always enjoyed deep drags sometimes even doing double and triple
hits allowing me watch a lot of smoke leave my mouth. I am hoping these
white clouds work for me, if not I not I think I am sold on the disposable
e-cig. Apollo provided a huge amount of vapor and the most like the real thing
in my hand. Good part was I could put it down and not worry about
starting a fire lol. I will keep you posted on my quest to make my lung


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