Where to Buy the Best E-cig? 

You have probably searched the internet looking for information about e-cigs and have been bombarded with ads, flashy banners and finding that every e-cig you come across is "The Best". The "best" is ultimately comes down to your needs and what suits your style. This search can be a long one and usually results in trying multiple units before finding the best e-cig that your looking for. Trying different vendors and models is a must - there are tons of different makes and models with their own characteristics, some good some bad but this site will hopefully help in your search and weed out the likes and dislikes that you come across. 

   Advertising has its place and sometimes it works in our favor, but usually it favors the vendor with the most money to throw at it. More and more celebrities are coming out supporting their "favorite" e-cig which definitely helps the cause but reading reviews is still vital. Blu for example is a decent disposable e-cig however, I have found a few disposables that blow its doors off! Just like any product that you are preparing to purchase, some homework must be done to eliminate wasted expenses

Three main things to look for in purchasing an E-cig:

      * Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!  (check mulitple sources)

      * The Vendors Warranty      (what happens if it breaksdown?)

      * Website design carries very little clout - the site might be awesome visually but.....

     That's where this site picks up! The hard work and research has been done for you. It doesn't benefit me if I recommend a product - you trust my judgement and make a purchase- and it ends up being horrible. I have done the grunt work in hopes that you will save my page as a favorite - coming back when you are looking for the latest and greatest in the e-cig world knowing that you have someone with your best interests in mind. I started this site for friends and coworkers and it made sense that I make it accessible to anyone looking to stop smoking and start Vaping! 

Lets get started finding you the best option to end the fight against real tobacco cigarettes! 

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