Eric Kitchens

by Eric Kitchens
(biloxi, MS, USA )

i started using them because i want to quit smoking, but i didnt want to waste my money on other crap and running 1 to 4 miles every other day was like breathing needles and i couldnt expand my lungs, the other part of it is that i was about to have sugery and i didnt want to have that hinder my healing process. So I started with the step ups while still smoking but when we had a shop open up around the corner from base i was like yea now i can buy the stuff i need and it was not cheep but i smoke a carten a week so i wasnt sure i sat down and did the math, 2 pks of cigs are $5.50 each and 14 packs a week was is $140.00 so on and so forth so i bought stuff for it and it works and then the are miss happs like i have bought 7 batteries and i have one left the and they were $30 the other part of it was some liquids will eat through some of the atomizers and leak and the whicks are not that expensive so it was a win/win for me i spent a total of $700 over a 3 month span when i could have spent $2,240 on cigs so i was happy but being in the navy we dont see alot of our money because we have the same bills as everyone else so i save alot and it helped for a while. my only grip with any of them is when the liquid is cold its hard to smoke and when it is to hot it leaks anywhere there is a hole ( not alot) and the liquid itself taste bitter and burns and when you need nicotine and your ecig is having issues you want to buy cigs and thats how i started again plus like it and this friday im going back to the e cig, i like having money and for awhile i slept like a baby.

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