by Tom

I had to write a review to totally endorse this amazing product. I originally tried a personal vaporizer but didn't like the feel of it in my hand. I later tried a Blu e-cig dispoable several times and didn't care for the vapor. My next venture was with apollo low nicotine menthols. The vapor amount was good and the drag needed to get a good amount of vapor was better than with Blu.

I recently bought a ten pack of White Cloud Fling menthols. These things are amazing!! The draw is easy and the amount of vapor was awesome. One of the things I enjoyed most when smoking conventional cigarettes was watching a lot of smoke exit my mouth and nose. Until I found White Cloud Flings nothing else compared. The draw is easy and the vapor amount is superior.

I bummed a regular smoke today and tossed it away after 2 drags. I am now commited to white cloud Flings. The cost is a lot cheaper than the $9.45 I was paying and with Massachusetts about to impose an additional $1.00 per pack tax. I am thrilled to have found White Cloud. I am using the low nicotine level and plan to switch to the zero nicotine level soon.

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