Another Update

by Tom

Here's another update. After watching several reviews for Fling disposables I ordered a 10 pack of light menthols. These things rock. The amount of vapor is awesome and the are the easiest e-cig to drag on so far. They are also a bit lighter in weight than the others I have tried. Their length is 110 mm. As of right now, I am convinced these are the e-cig for me. Their price is economical, and the vapor is awesome. As I told you before, I was what would be classified as a pleasure smoker. I enjoyed the entire ritual of dragging as deeply as I could (sometimes doing double and triple drags) and then I would watch the smoke leave my body. There white clouds do this and more. I will certainly be ordering more.

If WhiteCloud ever goes out of business I'll be back to Apollo in a flash.

Take care and keep vaping.


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