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Tececig is prominent in the electronic cigarette retail industry. Tececig (pronounced tech-e-cig) has over 250 retail locations in Illinois and Iowa that offer coffee, food, and relaxation. Tececig knows how to entertain their customers, but are their e-cigarette worth the price?

The basic e-cigarette starter kit from Tececig is $39.99 for one battery and two cartridges, and their most expensive starter kit is goes up to $139. I had heard about Tececig from a friend and I wanted to find out if they were any good. Many of these larger mall vendors have had a tough time competing with the many online e-cigarette retailers, so I ordered their best product, the Phoenix Series e-cigarette and put it to the test. 

With two distinct product series, the Revolution series and the Phoenix series, Tececig offers an e-cig for both newbies and veterans alike. Many e-cigarette vendors forget that there are different types of e-cigarette users out there, and catering to all types is critical. 

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Some of us just want an easy to use rechargeable unit with no mess or fuss. While others require more options and maybe a refillable tank. Not every user is going to enjoy a disposable off-the-wall product, and after using their product, I think Tececig if one of the few vendors that understands this. In fact, I think they want to distinguish their product from all the other e-cigarettes out there by providing a high quality product with a better brand recognition.

The Revolution Series is a cigarette sized e-cig that comes in a manual, auto, or "Mega" option. Of course, the auto battery activates the heating element automatically when the user starts to inhale, and the manual battery has a button that is manually pressed to activate the heating element. The "mega" battery is an automatic battery but with a bigger battery for longer use. The automatic version comes in 7 colors. The manual comes in 2 colors, and the mega comes in 3 colors. Your choice of 5 different strengths of nicotine levels including 0% and 27 different flavors.

The Revolution is an easy to use e-cigarette with an elegant look and enough flavors to keep you content. The battery lasts a long time for the size and is easy to use.

The Revolution Pro and Revolution Traveler Pro both come with a portable charging case that I recommend just for the convenience of being able to charging one battery in your pocket while you are using the other one.

The Phoenix Series has a much bigger battery and comes with refillable cartridges. The first thing I noticed about the Phoenix e-cigarette was the cap on the mouth piece. End caps are not common in the industry, but certainly a enjoyable feature to keep lint and dirt from your pocket out of the mouth piece. It almost looks like a big pen or a tiny flashlight with the cap on, and this also doubles as a disguise to hide the fact it is an electronic cigarette.

Tececig Phoenix

The difference between the Revolution and Phoenix series, besides the size of the battery, is the fact that the Phoenix has refillable tanks that can be filled and stored in cool little wood-like tubes. You can fill each one with any of their 35 ejuice flavors for a no fuss, no mess experience.

The Phoenix also come with an atomizer, which is the heating element that the tank of ejuice sits on. The atomizer is replaceable as all atomizers will eventually need to be replaced. Not to worry, having an atomizer means having a beefy cloud of vapor and they are fairly cheap to replace at $14.95, and they should last a few months.

Their peach and the apple e-juice because it actually tasted like fruit. If you like the tobacco flavors, try one of their tobacco flavors, but be warned, tobacco cigarette have over 4000 chemicals that contribute to their flavor and replicating that flavor accurately is almost impossible with ejuice. 

I found the Phoenix ecigarette to have a solid build and a clean look. It is built for the user who likes more options, such as refillable tanks and a bigger batteries. The vapor had a clean and refreshing throat-hit that was backed by a satisfying vapor cloud. 

The only thing I did not like was that I had to take a longer, slower drag to get a big vapor cloud, but that is quite common for me with any rechargeable electronic cigarette, as I take big draws. The other issue I had was with the tank that holds the e-juice, it was not fully seated on the atomizer when I first used it, so I got an airy pull. Once I figured out that out and pushed it all the way in, I was back in business. I felt satisfied with the nicotine levels, and I did not feel like I needed to take several drags to get to that point like some of the e-cigarettes I have tried before. I was using the 24mg e-juice. 

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Customer Reviews


Feb 24, 2013 by Dawn Green

"I have smoked a pack a day for 27 years. I have tried to stop smoking using patches, gum, cold turkey, and I couldn't do it. The hubby decided he wanted to quit, so I got aweful job of trying to quit along with him, AGAIN! He bought a disposable ecig to help keep the urge down, and I chose the tececig because it was rechargable, and I didn't like the taste of his. The lady at the smoke shop recommended it, saying it tasted the best in her opinion. She was right!!! Since I purchased it, I have not smoked 1 cigarette, and have not had an urge for one either! Even with smokers around I don't crave it. I am amazed, and truely thankful to have found this product. I feel so much better, and have lost the smokers cough after only 15 days. Thanks so much Tececig!!!!!" (from vendor's website)

Nothing better than Tececigs!!!

Feb 09, 2013 by Jesse D.

"I'm 5 days into the revolution, oh man all I can say is this, Freedom, beautiful freedom, the green mint flavor is better than any menthol I've tried, simply amazing, I can't get enough of Tececigs, Thank you for giving me something a cigarette never could, If your thinking of trying a Tececig, don't think anymore, just do it!!!" (from vendor's website)

Love, Love, Love it.

Feb 02, 2013 by Marriah

"I have not had a cigarette in 8 months. I tried the off brands (cheep) versions of the e-sig at first and liked them. Then I tried the PHOENIX and holly cow. I am in love. This bad boy packs a punch. One of the many things I liked about smoking was blowing smoke out of my mouth. Well a lot of the little e-cigs just don't produce that much smoke. The phoenix does. The flavor is great, and the battery lasts all day. I can't say enough good things about it. Yes it is expensive but you definitely get what you pay for. Take it from me I've tried the cheep ones and this just doesn't compare." (from vendor's website)


Jan 20, 2013 by Marty P.

"I smoked for 30 yrs. & thought I could never quit. Tried every trick out there including other ecigs, nothing worked. My husband & I went to the Peoria mall & bought the Tececig. I haven't smoked since, 2 weeks & going strong. It doesn't even bother me being around people that are smoking, no urge for a cigarette at all! They taste great too." (from vendor's website)

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Bottom Line

I recommend Tececig for light smokers, medium to heavy smokers, and situational smokers that desire a mid-range, quality device. 

Choose the Revolution series if you are just getting into ecigarettes and want an basic device with good flavors.

The Phoenix is for more advanced users and/or heavier smokers looking for a more versatile device. The cost savings of refillable tanks is a big plus in my book as well. A must have for a heavy smoker.

A great ecigarette for anyone looking for an easy to use, mid-range, electronic cigarette. Expect a well made device with excellent tasting vapor and a fair price from Tececig.

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I hope you enjoy this e-cigarette review. Don't forget to read more e-cigarette reviews on this site. I hope you find the best electronic cigarette here.

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