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Jim and his wife Ginger started Vapoligy in 2007 back when most people never heard the term e-cigarette. Vapoligy has been there since the beginning of time when it comes to vaping.

My first experience at Vapoligy was 2 years ago when they were in a much smaller location off Chinden Blvd in Garden City.

My step-father recommended them to me after he successfully quit smoking using one of their electronic cigarettes. So I stopped by to see what they offered on my way home one night.

One of the first things that stood out to me was the clean and professional environment Vapoligy offered their customers. The store was small, but well presented and displayed their products in a easy to find manor.

Ginger was great and took the time to ask me several questions to help me find the best e-cigarette. After 5-10 minutes of her explaining the differences between all the different units, choose the Black Automatic 510 Basic Kit because it was a small and had a good price. It was a rechargeable e-cigarette that came with two batteries, two atomizers, and 6 empty cartridges. Also includes were a charger and instruction manual.

Ginger and I sat down for a one-on-one training of how to use my new unit. They had a table with dozens of different liquid nicotine they call "niquid" to try.

We dropped a few drops of niquid into the atomizer (included in kit) so I could get a taste of the many flavors. This way I was able to narrow-down my flavors better instead of having to buy one of each flavor.

I picked up some menthol flavored niquid and took my kit home.

I really enjoyed the experience and the customer service. It felt like they listened and understood what I was trying to say.

Vapoligy Staff

Several months ago Vapoligy moved shop to a bigger and more accessible location a mile down Chinden near Garrett.

The new store is fully stocked with everything you need to put together the perfect electronic cigarette set-up. See map at bottom of page.

They carry small eGo batteries, eGoTwist, and several larger personal like the Riva and larger lava tube personal vaporizers.

They have their own store-branded lineup of complete e-cigarettes kits that make it easy to get the complete e-cigarette setup without having to buy each component separately.

One of the things that makes Vapology a different kind of e-cigarette store is the fact that they make their own juice and they have spent years perfecting their mixes. I have tried many of their flavors and like the fact they are mixed locally and I know what they are made of.

It is a good feeling to be able to talk to the actual person who mixed the juice I am about to inhale.

Vapoligy's ability to mix their own niquid allows them to control the quality and ingredients to provide a high quality product. They only use food grade ingredients and take great pride in making it.

If you want good service, good products at good prices, and a huge selection of quality-made juices, you will find it at Vapoligy.


9225 W. Chinden Garden City, Id 83714

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